Monday, November 21, 2016

Mud Rooms are Muddy! A Tour of Our Laundry Room

I love my large mud room/laundry room.  It serves as a great barrier to keep dirt out of the main house.  I guess that's why it is called a mudroom.

#millsnewhouse, washboard, laundry room, laundry wall art
This old washboard was painted by my mother, and she had this to sell in her garage sale!  Not a chance!

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, drying racks

Drying space is an issue, since we flat dry a lot of things.  The drying rack above the sink was purchased on Amazon and it works well. We have additional drying racks in the basement, which we might need during sweater season!

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, drying racks

The floor is tile, and easy to keep clean, but I still feel like it's always dirty.  I love my new high efficiency/high capacity washer and dryer.  And having a sink in there is essential.

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, drying racks

#millsnewhouse, pantry, mud room

On the other side of the room is a large pantry closet and my old, hand-me-down freezer.  The only appliance I moved from the old house. We purchased it for $50 several years ago.  

#millsnewhouse, pantry, mud room
(still needs some organizing!)

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, mudroom, bench, @smithbuilding
The white bench was made by my son when he was in school.  It was unfinished, so I sanded it and painted it white.  Not fancy, but a great place to sit to take off your muddy boots (dear husband.) 

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, mudroom, step stool, @smithbuilding
He also made the little step stool when he was in high school.  I'm vertically challenged and used this at our old house a lot.  Since I have so many cabinets now, I don't store much on the top shelves, so I don't need this as often, but it still comes in handy.

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, mudroom, hooks
And my son also made a simple board with hook for jackets and bags.  Another essential, since we have no coat closet.

#millsnewhouse, dog door, mudroom, laundry room, rag rug
This door goes to the garage and has a dog door, so that's where she come in and boy does she track in a lot of dirt! I'm a big fan of rag rugs. I like the way they look, and they are so easy to shake and wash.  I got this one from

#millsnewhouse, laundry room, mudroom
Her food and water are in this room also, which creates other messes.

And finally, we put in a pocket door from the mud room to the kitchen.  It saves so much space, and is really handy when you need to keep the dog in the mudroom for some reason (usually when she's wet and/or muddy.)

#millsnewhouse, mud room, laundry room, pocket door

#millsnewhouse, mud room, laundry room, pocket door

I forgot to take a picture of the ceiling.  We also have a pull-down ladder in this room for attic access.

So there's my laundry/mud room tour.  If you have any great ideas for me, or products you think would help, please let me know! It's always a work in progress.

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