Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spaghetti and No-Meat Balls

I tried another "experimental" dish. Spaghetti and No-Meat Balls is a food network recipe that uses mushrooms and tofu to make meatballs instead of meat. Surprisingly, this turned out pretty good. I had to use more bread crumbs than it called for, to make the meatballs hold up. I also added some Italian seasoning -- or you could use seasoned bread crumbs, because I though it would be too bland with just the salt and pepper for seasoning. I think I could have used a bit more seasoning. I also wish I would have put some Parmesan cheese in the tofu mixture -- I think that would have added a lot.

I used a jarred spaghetti sauce instead of making the one in the recipe. I'm not sure I'll try this one again. I guess if I get adventurous. It was a little labor intensive, and I'm not sure it was good enough for that.

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