Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cabbage Burgers (Runzas) - No, I'm not kidding

I've been participating in a local coop for fruits and vegetables. I get a bag full every two weeks, and it's been a really good thing. This week we got cabbage, which isn't really one of my favorites. Not a big slaw eater. My husband said he used to go to a bakery in Nebraska and they served something called "cabbage burgers" and they were great. Really???

So, I started looking around the internet, and found that this dish came from German immigrants who mostly settled in Nebraska. Their German name is "Runzas." Huh! Well, here's the recipe I used (the recipes I found were all fairly similar, and pretty basic.) I used frozen bread dough. And, yes, I used REAL lean ground beef. No fake meat for this one....

My kids happened to both be home, with their "significant others," and while they are pretty good about trying new things, they ALL turned their noses up when I said "cabbage burgers." But, when they bit into them, everyone LOVED them, and there wasn't a crumb left! I've actually made them again since that first time, because I had so much filling left after I used all my bread dough.

Here's what mine looked like:

The filling

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  1. This looks yummy Annette! Something like siopao/empanada (asian/spanish). Might have to come back and check out this recipe later. --btw, I use cabbage in curry chicken and of course in pansit (Filipino chow mein) ..just in case you're looking for more recipes. ;)