Friday, May 14, 2010

Singapore Noodles

I made Singapore-Style Noodles last night and it was quite good.  I made a few modifications to the recipe, though.  I used ground spices, and didn't have any mustard, so left it out.   I left out the bacon.  For the chili garlic sauce I used sweet chili sauce, garlic powder, and sarachi hot sauce.  I used powdered ginger, since I didn't have fresh.  I used angel hair pasta, not rice noodles. 

I really like broiling the shrimp.  Ina Garten from Food Network gave me this idea.  You an put any spice (salt, pepper, garlic, etc.) on the shrimp, toss it in some oil, and broil for about 5 minutes, just like in this recipe.  It's much better than boiling.  Both me and hubby liked this recipe a lot.

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