Monday, May 10, 2010

Two books again . . .

I finished The Hobbit, and really enjoyed it again.  I kept comparing it to Harry Potter, and I think both authors did a great job of creating many different species and developing them fully enough to allow them to grow and evolve through several books.  Both were able to create very intricate, rich adventures that can be read over and over.  I can't say that about many books, and I certainly cannot say I'm a big fan of fantasy -- but I do read them and there are many that I enjoy including The Hobbit.

Since we were camping again this weekend, I also read A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby.  I've read about this book repeatedly, but I don't remember what compelled me to add it to my list.  I really like the beginning of the book -- I was laughing out loud in several places.  Which is a funny thing to say when, at the beginning of the book four different people are contemplating suicide.  These four people meet on New Year's Eve on the top of a building that they all intend to jump off of.  There is where a relationship begins.  The rest of the book I found rather plodding, and not nearly as entertaining.  The book doesn't even had an ending.  It just stops.  There is more character development as these four explore their lives and the things that brought them to that roof.  It's just slow and not really very earth shattering.  The references to cultural icons, literature, and almost all other humorous anecdotes end after Part 1 of the book. It was disappointing.

My next choice is Double Cross by James Patterson.  I love Alex Cross and I had read all of them, but somehow I got a few novels behind.  Which just gives me something to look forward to.  So I've decided to treat myself and pick up a Patterson novel.

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