Sunday, December 6, 2009

Illini Football

Had a great time yesterday at the Illini Football game.  It was COLD -- around 30 degrees -- but it was sunny, and that helped a lot.  We witnessed the highest scoring game ever played at Memorial Stadium -- Illini lost 53 to 52.  It was the most unusual and exciting ending to a game I've ever seen.  You should read about it, if you are interested.

I made some snacks for after the game.  I made chocolate chip banana bread and Mary Alice's (from Ace of Cakes) Hoagie Dip.  We all liked this recipe a lot, even my son who is kind of a meat and potatoes kid.  Said he doesn't like some of the stuff that was in there, but liked the combination.  He's always willing to try new things, which I give him credit for, and because of that he's beginning to expand his tastes a bit.

I served the dip with slices of french bread.  I don't like to put dip in bread bowls, because then if you have leftovers you pretty much have to throw them away.

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