Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The RED Powder Room

Yes, I painted the powder room a tomato red.  I read once that no matter who you have at your house, they  may  not see everything, but they will most likely see the powder room, so it should make a statement.  It's been red for several months, with nothing on the walls, and it's been interesting to see the reactions.  Most men don't like it, but most women do. (I know that's sexist, but honestly it is monstly true.)  I kept saying it will look a lot better when I cover the walls with photos with white frames.  And it does!

#millsnewhouse, powder room, photo collage, flower photos

I took all the photos we used, except for one, which my husband took.

#millsnewhouse, powder room, photo collage, flower photos

#millsnewhouse, powder room, photo collage, flower photos, wall hanging, bargello quilting

I made the wall hanging many years ago.  It's called "bargello quilting" and is easier than it looks. I'm sure you can find some similar patterns if you search.

#millsnewhouse, powder room, photo collage, flower photos

I think I would still like to add a few more pictures. I enjoy photographing nature around the house and on my travels, so I'll be trying to get some good ones.

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