Monday, April 26, 2010

Another audio book completed

I finished another audio book in record time!  Just a few car trips, and I was hooked and anxious to finish it.  I listened to Sacred Hearts, by Sarah Dunant, a book about a convent in the mid-1500s in Italy.

The main character, Serafina, is sent to the convent against her will (which seemed to be the case much of the time) and is desperate to return to her lover.  The other main character is Zuana, who has been in the convent for 17 years since her father, a doctor, died.  Zuana runs the convent's apothecary and is, in every sense, the convent's "doctor."  She becomes Serafina's mentor.  The descriptions of 16th century medicine, convent life, and the political world of the church in the 1500s is compelling.  This novel is rich in details, and I found every detail interesting. 

I was glad I had the audio version; the narrator was very good and helped make the story come alive, which is what an audio book narrator should do!

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