Sunday, June 6, 2010

Camping at a new spot

We returned from a great camping weekend at Ramsey Lake State Park, a new park for us.  We are used to much more spacious camping spots.  They were really close together.  We try to pick state parks instead of private campgrounds because usually you get the spaciouness -- but not at this park.  The good thing was that it wasn't very crowded at all.  We didn't really have close neighbors, and all the picnic and other public areas were pretty much deserted, so Mollie got to run around and do a lot of exploring off-lead.  She had such a great time, and so did we.  We found a bunch of fire wood at a few empty spaces, so we had great big fires, even though it was pretty hot.  So we sat far away from the fire!

I had lots of time to read, and you can find out about that in the previous post.

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