Sunday, June 6, 2010

A reading weekend . . .

I finished Drowning Ruth and it was very satisfying.  It was a little slow, not much action, but that's not the kind of book it is.  The characters were very well developed and you could feel the heartbreak.  I'm always frustrated by situations that cause extreme discomfort and are based on misunderstandings.  If only people would talk to each other, ask questions, and explain their actions.  But that wouldn't make for a very entertaining novel, and that's what this was.

I then read Fresh Disasters by Stuart Woods.  I have read books by him before, but it's been a while.  It just amazes me how every woman that Stone Barrington (the main character) meets ends up falling into bed with him!  He must be irresistible.  Anyway, a good story happens between all that sex, and it was a fun, suspenseful read.

Now I am reading True Colors by Kristin Hannah.  Her books are just feel-good entertaining reads.  Well, the entire book isn't "feel good."  I'm about half way through, and things have pretty much fallen apart around the three sisters that are the main characters in this book.  I have to hurry and finish this post so I can get back to the book to find out what happens!

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