Sunday, March 14, 2010


I went to Whole Foods Market yesterday -- what a fun place!  I wish there was one closer to me.  I bought some Match Ground Beef and wanted to try it right away.  So, I pushed it to the limit, and made Swiss Steak from a recipe on the Match website.  We were pretty happy with the result.  It DOES really have the texture of meat, which is what we've been missing from some of the other veggie meat products we've tried.  The flavor was a little bland, though.  I think, instead of just sprinkling seasoning on the outside of the patties, I needed to mix it throughout the meat.  I did this when I made burgers or meatloaf with real meat, and I think it would help a lot with the flavor of the Match.  I will definately try this product again, and now I want to try the chicken, and other products they have.

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