Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vegetarian Crock Pot!

One thing I've missed since cooking vegetarian is using my crock pot.  So, I found a recipe for Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Curry in a book called Just One Pot, published by Reader's Digest and decided to try it.  It has A LOT of ingredients, and some unusual combinations, but it is a curry, so that was to be expected.

I thought it was wonderful, but my husband didn't like it.  I've come to the conclusion that he doesn't like Indian spices.  I made a wonderful mulligatawny soup a while back, with many of these same flavors (and meat!) and he didn't like that either.  So I guess I will stay away from those dishes.  Too bad -- this was really tasty (and made a HUGE batch, so I'm going to have leftovers for a while.)  My daughter is home this weekend, if she likes it, maybe she will take some back to school with her.

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