Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another less than tasty dinner . . .

I made Easy Macaroni and Cheeze  from a new web site I found called Fat Free Vegan.  While this was a very creamy gooey pasta dish, if you want that cheese flavor, you won't find it here.  My husband wouldn't eat it.  My son was eating it and my husband said "How can you eat that?"  My son replied, "I'm just really hungry, and I just think of it as a pasta dish -- not mac 'n cheese."  He's right.  I ate it last night, and I ate it for lunch today.  It's not awful -- just not mac 'n cheese.  I did add about 4 Tbsp of margarine that isn't called for in the recipe (although suggested in the narrative.)

I also made Mini Crustless Tofu Quiches from the same site, thinking that I would at least get one good one out of the two recipes.  These were really disappointing.  They just had NO flavor.  Fluffy, eggy texture, and the mushrooms and green peppers were tasty, but it was like eating tasteless foam around them.  I added a lot of salt, and mostly picked out the veggies.  Very disappointing.

I haven't given up!!!!

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