Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spicy Black Bean & Corn Tortilla Soup

This was SOOOO good!  Spicy and tangy and yummy.  You should try it -- even if you aren't avoiding meat.  I found it on Recipe Zaar -- I'm liking that site more and more, because you can search by "vegan" and even if it isn't part of the title, it works.  I've really been interested in trying tomatillos, but I couldn't find any in the store, so I put in some green taco sauce, whose main ingredient is tomatillos.  I also couldn't find the frozen mexican vegetables, so I used frozen corn and put in another can of beans.  I did use all of the garnishes, as the recipe recommends, except pico de gallo, which I didn't have (what is that, anyway?)  I thought the soup would be too spicy, with the jalapenos and spicy tomatoes, but it was just right.  I did remove all the seeds from the jalapenos.  That always makes a big difference in the heat.

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