Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing project -- not mine

My daughter made this skirt!  She actually had to go back to college before she could finish it, so I did the hem.  She saw a similar skirt for $60 on the internet, and we probably made this for about $10.  We used a free pattern (also from the internet) that she had used before and modified it.  We had to make the waste band wider, redistribute the pleats, and make it shorter.  Also, this is a picture of the back, because I wanted to show the exposed zipper.  Those are really easy to put in, except we didn't think about this skirt not having a center back seam, so it was a little tricky.  The fabric has a little lycra in it, so that made it easy to sew, and it fits cute.

It should be off in the mail to her today!

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