Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on the new diet . . .

I've been doing well.  I've made:  black bean soup, pasta with olive oil, garlic, broccoli & mushrooms, and chili with veggie meat.  I've made healthy banana bread (with fat free plain yogurt as the only dairy product) and hummus for snacking.  Later this week I'm going to make stuffed portabellas (which will have a little cheese on them.) and we're going to try a tofu stir fry.  I've also bought some soy milk, which my husband has tried and said it isn't bad.

I did go out of town over the weekend.  For Friday night dinner, I ordered a veggie pizza to my hotel room -- and I ate some of the cheese, but mostly picked it off.  Breakfast was ok -- just fruit and some granola cereal (without milk.)  For lunch, they served sub sandwiches and there was a veggie option -- but it had cheese on it -- which I ate.  We had a dinner party Saturday night -- with a buffet of roast beef, fried chicken, etc.  Even the green beans had bacon in them.  So I had mashed potatoes (I'm sure they had milk in them) and corn.  The fried chicken actually appeared a little gross to me -- all that grease oozing out!  The roast beef looked good, though, but I resisted.

As I suspected, giving up the meat isn't that bad.  I really miss the gooey cheese and creamy stuff, sometimes.  I've not let myself get hungry.  I've had a lot of fresh fruit and nuts for snacks, which helps.  Oh, and I have my usual cup of coffee each morning, with about a tablespoon of skim milk.  Haven't been willing to give that up yet.

Check out this website on The New Four Food Groups.  Also, this is the book I'm going to read next, but I had to order it.  (Thanks, Tina.)

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